Rankins Roses

April 7, 2015

As the sole developer on this project, I created an e-Commerce website based on WordPress, with a highly customised theme in collaboration with Gumboot Graphics for Rankin’s Roses.

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Sydney Top Spot Tours

Sydney Top Spot Tours

July 27, 2014

A fully customized E-commerce solution for a tour booking company, developed using the Ruby on Rails framework and building on top of Spree, a rails based E-Commerce solution. Fully responsive.

Crown Print

September 19, 2013

Developed a custom Prestashop theme for Crown Print online e-commerce site. Custom Prestashop modules were developed to import product prices and also to improve google search rankings.

Skills: Prestashop theme development, Prestashop module development (PHP), Script development (Ruby)

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Copy Protect Paper

September 23, 2012

Set up an e-commerce solution using Prestashop. Developed a custom theme from the given photoshop design files.

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Path of Calm

August 19, 2012

Developed a custom WordPress theme, setup an e-commerce section and created instructor Forums.

Skills: WordPress theme development, Online Shop setup, WordPress administration.

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Blooms of Yarrawonga

February 19, 2012

Developed a custom WordPress theme given the photoshop design for the site. Development included creating an Online Store, setting up SSL for the site and adding Flash elements.

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Platinum Equine

July 19, 2011

Development of a custom template for a Joomla website given the photoshop designs. Development included setting up an Online Store, SSL configuration and Flash elements.