A Software Engineer and Animator based in Melbourne, Australia, Sam has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science & Engineering (Monash) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Animation and Interactive Media (RMIT). With more than 5 years commercial experience developing Web Applications using Elixir/Phoenix and Ruby on Rails for a number of successful startups, and many more years experience developing web-based solutions for a wide variety of projects.

He has directed and animated 2 short films, ‘The Blind Caterpillar’ (2:35) and ‘Kaulah’ (6:35), a 2D hand-animated film using a combination of Paint on Glass and Digital 2D techniques. ‘Kaulah’ has been shown internationally and toured with the Australian International Animation Festival. He keeps his animation skills alive by freelancing as an After Effects motion graphics artist.

Currently he has been using Rust and WebGPU to create cutting-edge applications running completely in the browser. When not programming or animating he works on his restored 1972 BMW ’02 or works on the next stage of his strawbale-home build.

Feel free to contact Sam if you think his skills may be useful in your project.