February 7, 2016

A Ruby on Rails web app with a WordPress front-end.

I was one of the developers at IBSA on the project with the following responsibilities:

  • Create a Virtual Machine based version of the application for handling offline pre-calculation of data
  • Collaborate with front-end developer to implement a ┬ánew design for the website.
  • Liaise with client and estimate requested changes
  • Fix production bugs and trouble-shoot deployments

Storage Local

January 27, 2016

A Ruby on Rails website similar to AirBnB developed while working at IBSA. I led a small team to develop this application using Rails API and React JS, Ansible for provisioning and deployments, with Stripe payment integration.


  • Liaise with client, estimate features and schedule for development
  • Development of features using Ruby, React JS, SCSS and integration with SpreeCommerce
  • Create provisioning deployment scripts using Ansible